Are you feeling exposed in your own backyard?  Too close to intruding neighbors or local traffic and require some backyard privacy?  Bruss Landscaping, located in Wheaton, IL, can help create that everyday oasis just for you. When working in a small area where space is tight an option would be to install privacy plants like the arborvitae, a fast-growing columnar evergreen that can solve the issue of adjoining yards year-round.  For larger backyard privacy needs such as some areas of Naperville, planting a mix of trees or plants creates a more naturalistic look, especially when you layer them in groupings.  It provides your backyard with texture, depth and color for increased backyard privacy aesthetics.

When you have a suburban Chicago project, like enclosing a patio or positioning deck potted plants, these can be used to create a green screen and windbreak to make your down time more enjoyable. For smaller defined spaces like this, Bruss Landscaping can build an enclosure and spruce things up to create that intimate feeling while still enjoying your own outdoor space.

For those of you in the St. Charles area whom desire backyard privacy but don’t want to feel trapped by a full enclosure of plants and trees, a short stone/masonry wall with ornamental ironwork is an excellent solution for decorative backyard privacy.  We have both hardscaping and landscaping crews to help create vibrant backyard privacy spots including evening lighting options so your yard can reach its full potential.

If noise is part of the problem that is invading your backyard privacy adding water to you garden could be just the thing.  Installing a fountain as a focal point in your yard can help mask unwanted noises such as traffic, the humming of an AC unit and (if your houses are close enough) your neighbors’ conversations.  This white noise can vary in how loud they are based on the size of the fountain and how far the water has to fall.

No matter what your backyard privacy needs are Bruss Landscaping has the dedicated crew to meet those needs.  We will be with you every step of the way and no project is too small or big for us to tackle.  Whether you have a specific product or product family you would like to with, or need complete guidance in what is right for you goal, lifestyle and the architecture of your home our experienced professionals can get you there.  Located in Wheaton, Il with a 10 acre lot in West Chicago all our products are kept on site and well maintained.

Bruss Landscaping services suburban Chicago cities including Wheaton, St. Charles, and Naperville.  For more information from Bruss Landscaping and how we can help you realize your property's potential and all your Backyard privacy project needs, visit or call 630-665-1600.


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