Is your suburban Chicago house looking a little drab and uninviting each day when you come home? It’s nothing a little curb appeal landscaping can’t fix.  Create a more approachable environment that says “welcome to my home” and “yeah, it’s okay to be jealous of it.”  The first thing to do is have that clear defined path to the front door.  This doesn’t have to just be some stones or bricks rapidly placed and then forgotten.  Make it a statement something fun and adventurous lined with plants, trees and lighting fixtures.

By adding this kind of variety to your curb appeal landscaping it gives people driving by more to look at, but don’t forget to have a focal point — an area that draws the eye first.  This focal point could be just about anything: a fountain, bench, patterned hardscape or a small enclosed garden section.  The focal point should also be placed strategically to complement your front door, after all that is where most people showing up to your house are trying to get to (or at least we hope so).

Curb appeal landscaping, especially in areas such as Naperville and St. Charles, is all about first impressions. You want yours to be something you can be proud of to call home and not an embarrassing eyesore like the neighbors down the block. Your curb appeal landscaping needs to take into account the yard size, the architectural style of the house and how much light your yard gets. 

At Bruss Landscaping, we go step by step with you to figure out what works best for you and your property to ultimately enhance your curb appeal landscaping.  With the vast majority of plant materials carried on our 10-acre lot in West Chicago being spring dug from the fields and held under drip irrigation throughout the planting season, you know when you choose Bruss Landscaping for your curb appeal landscaping needs that you will receive nothing but high quality materials.

Maybe your yard already has some of these things but has been overrun by shrubs and plants and you need a clean slate or just needs some well-grooming, that’s fine too. Bruss Landscaping in Wheaton can help with that as well, we don’t just install landscapes we also have excellent maintenance crews to keep your yard looking top notch.  Curb appeal landscaping can take on many different forms sometimes it is even your neighbors yard that is the problem and you need to add a hedge or fence to separate the two and avoid their unsightly yard. Whatever the case, by updating your curb appeal landscaping you can increase the value of your home.  This can lead to your neighbors following suit and create a better neighborhood for everyone.

Bruss Landscaping services suburban Chicago cities including Wheaton, St. Charles, and Naperville. Our responsive and service orientated team of design and installation professionals are known for creative landscape solutions and unparalleled craftsmanship. For more information from Bruss Landscaping and how we can help you realize your property's potential and all your curb appeal landscaping needs, visit or call 630-665-1600. 


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