It’s the place where you people watch, chat with your neighbors and sometimes let your kids play.  It’s your front yard! Why not make it pop and grab attention.  Creating front yard curb appeal is the perfect place to let your personality shine and create something that compliments your home.  Even if your home is on a grassy slope that can be hard to maintain by covering the slope with your favorite plants it creates that front yard curb appeal and makes your home appear grander. 

At the end of the day, nothing is more memorable than color.  By planting an array of evergreens your yard will look classically beautiful through all the seasons with a multitude of textures and color.  Just because it may be dark outside that doesn’t mean you can’t still have color, by adding lighting fixtures to your front yard curb appeal design your yard can shine 24/7.

For those of you with smaller yards that still want that great front yard curb appeal planting a variety of medium sized plants gives the eye more to look at without overrunning your yard.  Front yard curb appeal isn’t just for those people driving by but has to be something that homeowners can enjoy looking at from their windows.  When creating your design ideas with Wheaton based Bruss Landscaping, we help you think of all the angles of your front yard curb appeal project.

With that being said, one of the main angles that has to be emphasized is the entry point.  That’s right, your front door still needs to be viewable and get noticed.  Good landscaping does just that, it fits the architectural style of the home and guides your eyes where to look.   This eventually should have eyes landing on the front door.  Creating front yard curb appeal is ultimately creating a path from the street to the door and figuring out the best way to get there.  Most people want to take the most direct path by having a clear defined route to take, designed and decorated to be inviting, makes all the difference.

Even with added front yard curb appeal you can have privacy from the street noise and your neighbors in St. Charles and Naperville.  Adding privacy trees and plants can help block noise and be a nice windbreak from those dry, hot breezes.   By having staggered clusters your yard will get that desired privacy while maintaining nice front yard curb appeal.  It’s the best of both worlds.  Keep in mind to choose trees and plants that won’t overwhelm the size of your yard and house.  Again these are all things our design team will help you plan out along the way to utilize your yard space to the best of our abilities. 

Unlock more landscaping secrets with Bruss Landscaping, an award winning, third generation family business that has been serving the western suburbs of Chicago since 1952.  The company specializes in residential projects and is located in Wheaton with a 10-acre nursery and production facility in West Chicago. 

Bruss Landscaping services suburban Chicago cities including Wheaton, St. Charles, and Naperville. For more information from Bruss Landscaping and how we can help you realize your property's potential and your entire front yard curb appeal needs, visit or call 630-665-1600.


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