No one really likes looking at privacy fences but we all like our privacy.  Privacy plants are a great alternative.  Whether it’s a hedge (densely planted row of a shrub variety) or a screen (tall narrow trees planted in a row), Wheaton based Bruss Landscaping can help you out with your privacy plant needs.

Desired traits for Privacy Plants are that they are fast growing, have dense leaves and can tolerate being trimmed.  The top ten privacy plants are Japanese or Texas Private, the Red Tip Photinia, Podocarpus, Juniper, Arborvitae, Vibernum, Wax Myrtle, Rhododendron, Bamboo and African Boxwood.  Privacy plants are unique in the way that unlike architectural structures there are no housing codes or limitations to what can be done and can add that extra color to make your yard be that much more of a desirable place to relax.

At Bruss Landscaping we specialize in Junipers and Arborvitae. If your St. Charles or Naperville neighbors put in an unsightly fence that you just can’t stand looking at Junipers are strong candidates for filling a space quickly to cover up that fence or just create your very own nature fence.  They can grow between 8-20 feet high and can grow 20 feet wide.  The best way to plant them is between 5 and 12 feet tall and they love areas with a lot of sun.

Arborvitae is an excellent option for privacy planting and the most popular option because of its tall growth habit.  This evergreen with scale-like leaves is a hedge that will grow best in full sun and moist fertile soil. Within the arborvitae family some options to go with are the Green Giant and the Techny.  Green giants are nice for when you want a tall narrow privacy plant.  With our crazy suburban Chicago weather these plants can grow up to 3 feet a year and once established can withstand heavy ice or snow loads and is wind resistant.

Technys are something you would want if you were looking to create a wider privacy planting area.  They are fairly low maintenance and create their own mulch every fall.   Both choices provide your yard with a year-round screen that contributes to the color, texture and fragrance for the ultimate privacy plant design.  Remember your privacy plants don’t have to fence in an entire yard but could be as small as a corner space to create that cozy escape you’ve always desired. With either option, have patients with your privacy plants and you will be rewarded with a one-of-a-kind custom barrier that will serve its purpose better and last longer than any wood fence ever could.

No matter what the project you have in mind is, after contacting Bruss Landscaping to discuss your privacy plant needs you will be paired with one of our design professionals that is best suited to your project needs. 

Bruss Landscaping services suburban Chicago cities including Wheaton, St. Charles, and Naperville. For more information from Bruss Landscaping and how we can help you realize your property's potential and all your privacy planting project needs, visit or call 630-665-1600.


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