So you already have that backyard view that you love but require more shade or shelter from the elements that suburban Chicago living brings upon you.  Strategically planted privacy trees bring in that clean air, block, reduce and redirect wind.  This is something to really think about in regards to reducing heating costs and even reducing the effects of hot, drying summer winds.  In the Midwest the coldest and most damaging winds typically come from the north and west.

A great windbreaker is the Arborvitae tree that has a pyramidal shape and requires almost no care — just natural growth and good pruning is all that it needs. The pyramidal shape is desired so all branches and leafs have access to the sunlight that they crave.  Taking into account your privacy trees needs is important in the beginning stages of planting privacy trees. Knowing the conditions of your yard (soil type, drainage and exposure) are the things that need to be considered before planting your privacy trees.  These are all things that we at Bruss Landscaping, located in Wheaton, will go over with all our clients so that we not only meet your desired design needs but that it is something that will work best with the yard you have.

Once planted, your privacy trees are a permanent landscape feature that needs little care.  As the privacy trees grow, their shapes can change and they can complement even the largest home in the Naperville and St. Charles areas.  With each passing year, big trees grow more valuable, increasing the worth of your house and property.  It’s true what they say once your privacy tree is planted it needs little encouragement to grow.

It is important to consider that if you want instant privacy that looks natural to not go for the straight line with a single type of tree but to create a cluster or staggered row with a few different privacy trees.  This is beneificial to your yard for a couple of reasons.  The first is to make it asthetically pleasing.  Trying to create a perfectly straight line with a living privacy screen can be difficult to maintain that straight line image when this is something that will be growing for decades, thus the preferable cluster formation.  By choosing different trees it will help bring that extra color and texture to your yard for that attractive, natural-looking screen, while also deterring the possibility of loosing all your trees at once caused by an outbreak of a single pest or disease.

While trees clean air, provide shade and beauty, and make your yards and home more comfortable, planting them can be complicated and must be thought out carefully.  You get that quality care not just for your yard needs but with all the plants we have here at Bruss Landscaping. 

Bruss Landscaping services suburban Chicago cities including Wheaton, St. Charles, and Naperville.  For more information on your privacy tree needs from Bruss Landscaping and how we can help you realize your property's potential, visit or call 630-665-1600.


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