Landscaping Deemed Essential, Bruss to Remain Open

Bruss Landscaping is deemed an essential business and continues to remain open. We are committed to providing the best in Landscaping design and services to our clients. We are able to offer our design and sales process through video conferences, phone calls and emails. The health and wellness of our employees and clients are of utmost importance and we have taken necessary steps to provide a safe working environment.  Read more »

Plants for Changing Weather Patterns

Plants for Changing Weather Patterns
Talk to any of the Bruss designers about this year and you’ll hear stories of unexpected plant deaths in their clients’ yards. Plants that for years we’ve relied on to perform without much fuss – because we don’t just design for gardening enthusiasts but for novices as well – have suddenly failed following last winter’s punishing polar vortex, an unusually wet spring, and then unforgiving late summer drought. Read more »

Pergolas in Landscape Design

Pergolas in Landscape Design
As much as we’d like to spend time outside, we don’t necessarily want to be at the mercy of the elements – especially when we’re trying to relax in our yards and enjoy the beautiful landscaping. That can be a challenge in northern Illinois when summer heat and humidity can feel oppressive and full afternoon sun beats down like a punishment.  Read more »

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