5 Ways Landscape Design Can Increase Your Home Value

When investing in home remodeling projects, many homeowners focus their energy on the interior of their homes when seeking to increase home value. However, landscape design can be a very powerful and cost-effective way to elevate your home’s overall design and value. 
Your home’s exterior is the first impression guests and future potential buyers will receive, and it could also be what sets your home apart from the rest on the market. There are a variety of different projects to choose from when planning a landscape design project and we have gathered a few that are sure to increase the value of your home.

1. Outdoor Living Spaces

Outdoor living spaces are a great addition to any home but are often overlooked and considered non-essential when planning a home renovation project. However, outdoor living spaces are a major selling point for homebuyers.
While an outdoor addition can be costly, they are an excellent investment. For example, experts say that well-designed patios provide an ROI of over 80% in addition to adding 8–10% to the value of a home. Therefore, installing a patio, pool, pergola, or any other structured space is a worthy investment to consider.
A professional landscape design company can help you conceptualize and build out an outdoor living space that complements the layout and design of your home.  

2. Fire Features

Installing a firepit is one of the easiest and most cost-efficient ways to raise the value of your home. According to most estimates, homeowners can recover 78% of the expenditures of installing a fire pit, particularly ones with a natural gas line. Additionally, ConsumerReports.com found that homes with the phrase "fire pit" in the description brought in a 2.8% higher sale price and closed on average 3.8 days sooner.
For elaborate firepit designs, it’s important to consider a landscape design company that specializes in hardscapes. The experienced team at Bruss Landscaping can help you build a beautiful firepit that will make your home stand out on the market.

3. Landscape Lighting

High-quality outdoor lighting can illuminate your home's exterior, highlight other landscape design features, and even increase home security. For homes with steps, lawn walkways, and other groomed surfaces, outdoor lighting is the best way to improve the functionality of a space. 
While landscape lighting serves as a safety function for wayfinding, the lighting also creates an overall ambiance. Adding outdoor lighting will accentuate a home’s landscape design and elevate the entire appearance. And with plenty of easy-to-install LED options on the market these days, landscape lighting can be a very affordable option for improving your home’s value.

4. Outdoor Kitchens

Outdoor kitchens provide a sanctuary for your guests and family to hang out in during the warmer months. They are not only the perfect addition for entertaining and making memories, but they are also a great way to significantly increase the value of your home.
Outdoor kitchens can be accomplished with a range of budgets and according to studies, homes with outdoor kitchens can potentially see an ROI between 100% and 200%. Depending on the complexity of your design goals, it could be a good idea to consider a landscape design company for the installation of your outdoor kitchen.

5. Privacy Features

While homes with big windows and natural light often sell better, homes with a strong sense of privacy are becoming increasingly popular. The two seem counterproductive but it is possible to have both! Installing trees and lots of greenery around your home is a great way to create a space that feels cozy and enclosed without sacrificing the beauty of grandiose windows. 

A Trusted Landscape Design Company Can Help! 

Transforming your yard to a beautiful and functional outdoor living space not only benefits you now, but increases your property’s investment. Hiring a landscape design company is always a great idea for more complex design projects, and the team at Bruss Landscaping is here to help you make your dreams a reality. Contact us today to get started with one of Chicagoland’s premier landscape design teams.

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