Design Inspiration for Outdoor Living Spaces

Whether you’re looking to entertain or just enjoy the warm weather of summer, extending your living space to the outdoors is the perfect way to get the most out of the season! From outdoor kitchens to fireplaces, there are a plethora of ways to add to or improve your outdoor living space and we have gathered a few ideas to help you get inspired for the upcoming warmer season.


Hardscaping is a great way to add functional structure and elevated design to your outdoor landscape. There are many pros to choosing a hardscaping project for your space, perhaps the most persuasive being reduced future maintenance as opposed to wood structures. Hardscapes last longer and provide you with plenty of options for creating a unique space. Most commonly, hardscaping can be used for walkways, retaining walls, patios, raised garden beds, fountains, walls, partitions, and more. There are also many different hardscaping material options to fit your design vision, from natural stone to pavers. Hardscapes also provide an amazing contrast to natural textures like foliage and waterscapes. A landscape design company like Bruss Landscaping can work with you to bring elevated landscape design to your outdoor living space with a hardscaping project that is unique to you.

Outdoor Kitchen

Every home entertainer needs an outdoor kitchen and nothing impresses guests more than a built-in, outdoor kitchen setup. The possibilities for an outdoor kitchen are endless and should be tailored to the specific type of host you are and the layout of your home. Outdoor kitchens are a great way to turn an awkward corner of your outdoor space into a show-stopping social hub.

Outdoor kitchens should complement your space, with safety, function, and comfort in mind. There are tons of great materials and appliances on the market for creating a built-in kitchen that can stand up to the elements while also looking sleek and modern.

Outdoor kitchens are a big project that require an experienced team of professionals. A landscape design company can help walk you through any necessary permits and help you craft your dream space.

Landscape Lighting

Landscape lighting is a crucial element in landscape design. It greatly affects the way we use our space and allows for gatherings to last into the night. When an outdoor landscape is well-lit, it creates a more inviting atmosphere and allows your entire space to be utilized safely even when the sun goes down. Well-lit homes also provide safety by lighting paths and steps, as well as providing greater home security. Landscape lighting is also a great way to show off your space by accentuating elements such as plants, social areas, or architecture.

An upscale landscape design company can help walk you through the necessary procedures for installation and choosing the appropriate products for your space.

Outdoor Fire Pits

A fireplace addition is a great way to keep a party going all night long and serves as an impressive focal point for social gatherings. Outdoor fire pits provide warmth and comfort into the night and create a cozy atmosphere that you and your guests will delight in. You’ll be surprised at how many different fireplace options are on the market, with tons of different stone options for gas or electric units. Fire pits are great investments that require very minimal maintenance, and we guarantee they will inspire you to get more use out of your outdoor living space.

There are several logistical factors to consider before installing an outdoor fire pit, such as safety, local permits, and installation procedures, so working with a professional landscape design company is highly recommended.


There’s no place we’d rather be on a sunny summer day than outside, but the elements can sometimes be too harsh to fully relax in an outdoor space. Pergolas are a great solution to this problem because they provide shade where trees can’t. Unlike canopies, pergolas offer greater airflow and are customizable to many different spaces, making them a very practical option for your outdoor landscape.

Not only are pergolas functional, but they also offer an amazing design quality that will take your outdoor landscape to the next level. Pergolas create structure by defining an area and are a great transitional space between indoor and outdoor living. Pergolas are also very versatile, with aluminum pergolas becoming a popular option for implementing modern design into a space. Aluminum pergolas allow you to incorporate many features including heaters, TVs, fans, privacy screens, and louvered ceilings.

There are many great ways to implement a pergola into your space. Contact a landscape design company to help plan an installation that will complement your outdoor landscape.

Bruss Landscaping is an upscale landscape design company serving the Chicagoland area. We are an award winning company and have been creating sophisticated outdoor landscapes since 1952. Springtime will be here soon and now is the perfect time to start planning for your next outdoor landscape design project. Contact us today to start making your home design dreams a reality.

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