Seasonal Urns

You’ve seen it before: the raised urn overflowing with luscious plants in the middle of an understated bed of groundcover, the stately welcome of colorful flowers flanking the front door, or the eye-catching container of seasonal hues at the end of a path that invites you to come closer. Incorporating seasonal container displays is a perfect way to add continuous color and interest to your landscape.

Why Add Seasonal Urns?

Adding seasonal urns to your front entry directs guests to the front door while amplifying your home’s curb appeal. Many homes have garages that jut out from the house, hiding the front door; a well-placed garden urn nestled in the landscape bed between the driveway and door brings the focus to the entry instead of the garage. A wide, flat-front house benefits from two symmetrical urn planters flanking and highlighting the front door. A long, winding front path is given forward momentum by placing one large outdoor urn at the halfway point and one closer to the door. Consider your planters as focal points that draw one near – in what direction do you want your guests to go?

What Kind of Garden Container?

Planters can be made from a variety of containers – concrete urns are a classic, all-weather choice while glazed pottery can add additional color and shapes to summer urns (they should have winter protection so they don’t crack). Old galvanized wash-tubs and troughs are well-suited in a more rustic garden setting. Any plant container you use needs drainage holes at the bottom and should be able to hold a fair amount of potting soil. Tall, narrow seasonal urns will only be able to hold a few different plants, so if you want variety, choose a container with a wider opening.
Some of the urns and pedestals we offer our clients:

What Should Go in a Plant Container?

Be sure to use potting soil and not topsoil in your garden containers – it’s specially designed to keep container plants from staying too wet. Avoid adding gravel or Styrofoam packing peanuts to the bottom of the pot – it doesn’t really help with drainage and creates a huge mess when it’s time to empty the pot. Choose a combination of plants that offer color and texture; you should have a mix of plants for height and for trailing off the sides. Add some slow-release fertilizer when planting, and then keep them watered through the season (they’ll dry out faster in hot weather). Keep flowering annuals producing flowers by deadheading (removing spent flower heads) and trim scraggly trailing plants to keep them from looking leggy.

Urn Planters are for All Seasons!

Don’t forget the stunning winter display you can have when you use fresh cut greens and stems in your planters. Considering how long and dreary our winters can be, it makes sense to get additional use and beauty from your investment. While the rest of your landscape is dormant and muted, your garden urns can be lush and vibrant.

Incorporating seasonal container displays is a perfect way to add continuous color and interest in your landscape. They can be the crowning touch on a finished design and offer a splash of variety from season to season that welcomes you and your friends to your home.
You, too can have Gorgeous Urns!
Love the look but dread the thought of doing it yourself? Have us do it for you! Our Seasonal Urns Program is flexible – you can choose 1, 2, 3, or all 4 seasons. We design according to your desires and use only the highest quality plants and materials. Ask about it here

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