Spring Annual Ideas


If winter lasted too long for you and you’re itching for some color, head out to your local plant nursery and pick out some early spring annuals. Yes, our weather can give us a wicked turn, but there are some lovely cold-tolerant flowers that will perform well for you even through a typical northern Illinois spring frost.


pansiesIs anything more cheerful than a pot full of pansies? Their sweet faces come in a range of blues, purples, yellows, rose and white. With a little deadheading, these annual flowers stay looking neat and continue to bloom their hearts out through spring. Try some of their smaller-flowered cousins, Violas, for a little variety in size with the same punch of color.


alyssumReliable and easy, Alyssum is a pretty little spring annual trailer that softens up the edges of containers or provides a neat edge to the front of the border. Often called Sweet Alyssum for its pleasing scent, each plant is covered in little annual flowers. The white variety is the most fragrant, but you can also choose from shades of pink and purple. No spring container is complete without a little Alyssum flowers – it truly complements every other flower in your landscape!


ranunculusAn exquisite annual flower for the center of an urn, Ranunculus is a bold standout. Available in solid colors like red, yellow, white, orange, pink, and purple, the bicolor varieties of this spring annual are stunning as well. Also known as Persian Buttercup, it loves the cool spring and will stop blooming when it gets hot, so treat Ranunculus like a spring reward for getting through another dreary winter.


snapdragonAn old-fashioned upright spring annual with loads of charm, Snapdragons perform beautifully through chilly springs. With several colorful shades to choose from, they add height to any spring container and delight kids (and adults) who like to make these annual flowers “talk.”


stockEven if it didn’t have showy stalks of annual flowers, you’d want Stock in your planter for its amazing fragrance. Cold-loving like the Snapdragons and Ranunculus, Stock keeps blooming faithfully until the weather turns hot. Plant this spring annual in front and passers-by will turn their heads to figure out the source of the lovely perfume they smell.

Last, But Not Least

Add some stems or branches to your spring annual container for height and further interest. Stems of Curly Willow and Pussy Willow – plants that have spring interest on their own – are a perfect addition to a spring display. Need some green to balance your color? Add some English Ivy to trail down the side. Its small leaves won’t overpower your flowers and it’s tough enough to withstand cold nights.

Let Us Plant for You

Did you know Bruss Landscaping plants annual flowers, too? We can plant your seasonal urns and we can plant your flowerbeds for a spectacular summer of color. Reach out to us here

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