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Project Type: New Patio with Landscaping and Firepit
Location: Glen Ellyn, IL
Services: Hardscape Construction, Landscape Design

I met this client at a local newcomer’s club town meeting where I was asked to speak. They had recently moved into a newer house in Glen Ellyn. The current house fit their inside needs but not too many of their outside needs. The largest issue was no direct access from the house to the backyard. Not an ideal way of enjoying the beautiful wooded backyard. 

Soon after moving, my client had the opportunity to purchase the property next door. A small existing house that was on the lot was sadly in disrepair and needed to be torn down. The old house was still standing on my first walk through. Immediately, we began to discuss ways of how to incorporate the existing lot with the new lot. A main goal, as I indicated to the homeowner, was to make sure that the new landscape had one cohesive look.  

On the same day we walked outside, I also walked around the inside of their home. I needed to know what rooms faced into their newly expanded lot. First question to be answered was if a door could be installed to allow us to build a patio. This would be the golden opportunity to give them the one major item that was missing before. 

Several meetings with the homeowner, city and builder later, the new door leading out to the patio was planned. This set the ground work for all other uses for this new space. Second major item to discuss was the identification and condition of the existing trees. The client and I decided to save all the trees determined to be in fair condition or better.  With these two major pieces of the puzzle solved we could then take into account all the other lifestyle requests the client and I discussed and begin to design the new landscape.

After several meetings reviewing preliminary designs, we completed a master landscape plan. The scope of work involved solving drainage issues, building a main patio and a second patio with a fire pit, grading work involving burying all downspouts and sump pumps, and a low voltage lighting system.  Also included were new planting beds and an irrigation system for the lawn.

The same crew worked the entire install with my daily supervision for a better part of the summer. The client continued to live and function normally while we were on site and we had weekly meetings to discuss the progress.

In the end, the house now fits in its new space. The new patio gave them the ability to enjoy the property and spend quality time to enjoy playing soccer, having campfires at night, and using the play equipment. The new plantings gave them the privacy they were looking for and gave proper scale to the house.

We have been maintaining the landscape since its original installation. Our maintenance has included major site visits like spring clean ups, summer trimming and feeding programs.  Last year we added installing annuals in newly purchased urns on both the front stoop and patio areas. I have had the pleasure seeing the landscape and the family grow!

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