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Bruss Landscaping Outdoor LightingOne of the most beautiful ways to extend your enjoyment of the landscape at your home is with outdoor lighting. Bruss Landscaping specializes in carefully designing and installing exclusively LED low voltage outdoor lighting systems to enhance the landscapes we design.  

Bruss Landscaping has been installing LED low voltage lighting for over 35 years and has developed proven techniques for installation and partnered with the best equipment manufacturers in the industry. All of our systems carry extensive manufacturers and installation warranties to protect your investment.

Illuminating your outdoor spaces with outdoor lights can be included in your next landscaping or hardscaping project. The ambient lightscaping around your home will look beautiful and add enjoyment to your deck or patio, porches, and gardens into the evening. Your outdoor spaces will transform and become livelier when the sun goes down. 

Different Landscape Lighting we install:
• Path Lights
• Deck & Patio Lighting
• Step Lights
• Garden Lights

Outdoor lighting not only extends the beauty of your landscape into the evening hours but also transforms the winter landscape from something mundane into a valued time of enjoyment. Your backyard will feel magical with landscape lighting as it adds a warm welcoming feeling every time you enjoy the outdoors in the evening. Landscape lighting can add functionality to your space by highlighting steps, paths, and other features to navigate your yard easily.

Not only does lightscaping enhance the beauty of your home, but it also provides the safety and security many homeowners desire around their properties. It’s proven that intruders target darker homes and avoid homes with lights. Feeling safe and secure, especially in your own home, is priceless.

Bruss Landscaping uses high-quality LED lights to highlight your home's best features with landscape lighting. The benefits of using low voltage outdoor LED lights include energy savings, long life spans, and durability. We typically avoid using commercial lighting or UV lights because they are not as long-lasting, cast harsh light, cost more to operate, and often attract more insects than LED lighting. Our experts will work with you to design the outdoor lighting space of your dreams!

If you are wanting to add landscape lighting to your home, contact the lightscaping experts at Bruss Landscaping, or discuss adding lights when planning your next landscaping or hardscaping project.

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