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Top quality plant materialsOne thing everyone on the Bruss Landscaping design team has in common is a love for plant materials. Our love and care for the living materials designed into, and planted on your project set us apart from the rest.

We pride ourselves on owning and maintaining a 10-acre nursery in West Chicago which allows us to provide rare and unique landscaping materials. We have also developed and maintain strong relationships with renowned growers throughout the area who provide us with the highest quality and largest sizes of plant materials available in the Chicagoland region.


The vast majority of plant materials installed by Bruss Landscaping are spring dug from the fields and held under drip irrigation throughout the planting season. This allows us to install those high-quality materials all season long without the stress of mid-summer harvest. Further, the vast majority of materials we install are grown within 100 miles of our clients' homes ensuring winter hardiness. For those special landscaping projects which require instant maturity, we have the capabilities to provide established materials for instant shade and privacy.


There is a great deal of planning that the Bruss Landscaping designers put into when choosing the best plant materials to use for each individual landscape design project. Our goal is to ensure the plant materials going into your landscape will be enjoyable for years to come. Some examples of plantings include:

  • Entrance Planting: The area near the front or back door should be inviting and have a welcoming feel. These plants bring a focal point to your entrance and adds a beautiful aesthetic effect to your landscaping.
  • Corner Planting: The corners of your house are another important area. Adding plants into this space can screen side yards and soften the edges of your house for additional curb appeal.
  • Transition Planting: This type of planting is typically low to the ground and add different heights to the landscape design. They are often used to tie in entrance plantings and corner plantings and to fill in long spaces.
  • Walkways: It’s important to take into account the type of plants you line your walk with. You want to be sure that they do not overgrow and obstruct your walkway and are typically lower to the ground.
  • Lawns: Many people think about the shapes of gardens and where plants go, but it’s not uncommon to forget about the shape of your lawn. If incorporating curves into the landscape, they should be subtle and feel natural, which makes for easy mowing.


At Bruss Landscaping we focus on creating a landscape design with the highest quality plant materials and how they will add beauty to your home. Contact us today to find the right plantings for your home.

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