Insect Control

Insect Control. As a company we prefer to avoid liquid spray applications in the residential setting whenever possible; rather we encourage the use of granular systemic insecticides applied annually to the soil. These products have little impact on the environment with virtually no chance of migration to another site, pet area, etc. We only recommend liquid chemical applications when damage from a pest infestation may cause the loss of a plant.

  • Spring application of granular systemic insecticides should be completed before plant materials reach full leaf. The existing mulch (if not being mulched after application) is pulled away from the root zone and the product is broadcast around the base of the tree or shrub. The mulch is then reapplied to cover the granular product and keep it in place. Moisture will slowly breakdown the product and it will be absorbed into the plant’s vascular system. When insect pests feed, they are controlled and/or move on to an untreated plant. This is a service we recommend by professional application only.