Weed Control

Weed control is an important consideration in maintaining both the aesthetic appearance of your landscape as well as allowing for proper form of your plantings as they grow. When your plantings were installed, we applied a pre-emergent weed control product to all of your planting beds. While this product will not eliminate all weeds that pop up after a new installation, it will reduce the numbers present by desiccating the weeds right when the seeds germinate. Even with this application, you should expect weeds to develop 2-3 weeks after your installation as we have disturbed the soil and brought many latent seed and rhizomes to the surface.

What to do in the future

  • Apply pre-emergent weed control each spring to all planting beds. Pre-emergent is best installed prior to re-mulching, which is also recommended annually.

  • Manually remove weeds as they occur sporadically throughout your planting beds. Note: we always recommend wearing gloves when pulling weeds. You never know when you may run into something you are allergic to, or worse yet, Poison Ivy!

  • In severe weed outbreaks, post emergent weed control, such as RoundUp may be the best approach. Always take extreme care when applying post emergent weed controls as they will kill or harm all green tissue they contact.

  • It is also always an option to take advantage of the services we offer for maintaining your investment in landscaping. We offer full landscape maintenance programs for all clients whose landscapes we originally installed.