• Wheaton Backyard Retreat
    Bruss Landscaping designed and constructed this beautiful backyard retreat for a home in Wheaton, IL. This landscape design project included a large modern fire pit, updated patio hardscaping, and a convenient outdoor kitchen area. This backyard landscaping design is perfect for hosting friends and family for summer BBQs and fall bonfires. Contact us today to get your backyard retreat started!
  • Glen Ellyn Landscaping Project
    Bruss Landscaping combined modern hardscaping design and eye-catching elements into this Glen Ellyn landscape design project. With over 700 square feet, the homeowners maximized the usable area of their backyard. Featuring a large grassy play area, a large patio for entertaining, and an intimate upper patio for grilling and small gatherings. What was once too small and impractical is now a stunning space for every occasion!
  • Elmhurst Grand Landscaping Design
    For this beautiful Elmhurst home, Bruss Landscaping worked hard to create a beautiful landscape design and a hardscape update to add curb appeal. In the end, the homeowners got a great landscape that accents their beautiful home; while maintaining a lawn space their children can enjoy now and a patio space they will surely enjoy when they are older.
  • Hinsdale Landscape Design
    This Hinsdale, IL landscaping project was a new construction home built by one of the best home builders in the area. We worked for this client at their previous home and were asked to modify and expand the landscaping installed at their new home. We added walkways, trees for screening, low voltage lighting, and many other smaller plants. The result truly gave them the dream property they had always envisioned.
  • Wheaton Front Entry
    It is always exciting when a house needs a full facelift. A landscape renovation can make a real difference in the aesthetic of the house. For this Wheaton Landscaping project, we designed a new enlarged front walk, a sitting area in the walkway, and landscape lighting throughout the front yard. The result was amazing and looked truly beautiful at night.
  • Naperville Backyard Design
    For this Naperville landscaping project, these homeowners wanted to downsize their deck, have a place to entertain people for dinner, have a quiet place to read the paper, and enjoy a cup of coffee, all in a beautifully landscaped setting. Although this project started as a “downsize” it added more space and usability for this couple.
  • Glen Ellyn Landscape Design
    When we design a home’s front foundation planting, our main objective is to highlight the beauty and character of the house, making the most overlooked house on the block stand out from the rest of the houses. For this Glen Ellyn home project, Bruss Landscaping provided hardscape construction and landscaping design services to create a stunning front yard while adding curb appeal.
  • Elmhurst New Patio
    Bruss Landscaping took this Elmhurst, IL home's deck from ordinary to extravagant with a new hardscape and landscape design. This landscaping project included a new patio, landscaping, water feature, and a new pergola to provide shade and to grow hops on. These Elmhurst homeowners will enjoy their new patio for years to come.
  • Glen Ellyn Beautiful Backyard
    A well-maintained backyard space wasn’t quite right for this Glen Ellyn resident. Bruss Landscaping created this beautiful backyard for this project. This landscape design included custom hardscaping for a backyard patio, lush green shrubbery, and gorgeous colorful flowers from our nursery. With plenty of attractive and usable space both on and off the patio, it’s time to entertain!
  • Hinsdale Backyard Patio Update
    The landscaping project for this home in Hinsdale, IL was multi-dimensional. For this landscape design project, we installed a new patio, driveway, and raised plant beds. Not only did this project drastically improve the appearance and functionality of this family’s landscape, but we were also able to correct all of their drainage issues; giving them peace of mind.
  • Wheaton Hardscape Design
    Often we are called to update existing landscapes – that includes tired hardscapes. After 20 years, this client’s deck was looking weary and breaking down. Over the years, they updated the interior of the home, but the landscaping and hardscaping had not changed since it was built in the late 1980s. Some see a landscape makeover as daunting, but we loved the challenge!
  • Landscape Update Downers Grove
    New construction provides a great opportunity to start on the right foot with landscaping. Moving in phases from front to back allows the homeowner time to settle in and think about the next project. This Downers Grove Landscape design project included the installation of large paving stones to develop a mulched garden bed containing plantings grown in our very own nursery.
  • Glen Ellyn Residence - Walkway
    A walkway is the main focal point leading to your home. For this Glen Ellyn landscape project, Bruss updated the sidewalk and patio to give this home a more inviting curb appeal. We not only were able to solve some problems but complete everything within the homeowner’s budget without sacrificing service or quality. These Glen Ellyn homeowners will be able to enjoy their new walkway for years to come.
  • Entryways
    Your front entryway is the first feature your friends, family, and neighbors see upon glancing at your home. The front entryway sets the scene for the rest of your home's exterior. Bruss Landscaping creates custom landscaping plans to accentuate the front entryways of our Chicagoland neighbors. We use only the highest quality hardscape materials and plants grown in our very own nursery.
  • Lighting
    Landscape lighting not only provides security for your home but can also enhance your home's exterior features. Showcase trees and landscape plants while providing an inviting area for your family and friends to enjoy at night. At Bruss Landscaping, our landscape designers will work with you to create a landscape lighting design that best showcases one of your most valuable investments, your home.
  • Water In the Garden
    Having a backyard that doubles as a getaway is every homeowners’ dream. Bruss Landscaping can transform your garden landscape design into a superior relaxation oasis. We can build fountains with elegant sculptures or a luxurious hot tub - all you need to do is present us with your vision, and we’ll bring it to life!
  • Fire in the Garden
    Like water features, adding fire features to your landscaping design makes for a very relaxing atmosphere. Create an entertainment space that will become the top summer hangout in your neighborhood by partnering with Bruss Landscaping to design and install the perfect firepit in your backyard. Check out our beautiful fire pits, fireplaces, and other fire hardscapes that Bruss Landscaping designs and installs across the Chicagoland area.
  • Patios
    In this Chicagoland hardscaping project, Bruss Landscaping designed a custom brick paver patio with supporting paver brick columns for a beautiful wood pergola. Looking for a new patio design for your home? Contact us today!
  • Outdoor Kitchens
    For a fabulous outdoor kitchen that is great for entertaining, you need Bruss Landscaping. Our team of expert landscapers can design and install a custom outdoor kitchen using top quality hardscapes and appliances. Contact us today for more information!
  • Spring Containers
    Our spring garden container arrangements are one of our specialties. With the right spring garden container and beautiful plants, Bruss Landscaping knows the perfect way to frame your front door by adding a unique focal point that will turn heads. With over 65 years of experience, Bruss Landscaping can help you create a beautiful and welcoming entryway adorned with spring garden containers that stand out.
  • Summer Containers
    Summer garden containers are a beautiful and simple way to draw attention to your home's outdoor living space. At Bruss Landscaping, we design and arrange beautiful summer garden containers with flowers and plants grown right in our nursery. With over 65 years of experience, Bruss Landscaping can design a beautiful summer garden container that adds a pop of color to complement your home.
  • Winter Containers
    Bruss Landscaping designs and installs eye-catching winter containers for homes around the Chicagoland area. Our containers are filled with pinecones, evergreen, and more to draw holiday guests in and appeal to the rest of the neighborhood.
  • Flowers and Gardens
    Nothing is more beautiful than a well-designed flourishing garden. At Bruss Landscaping, our landscape experts will have your home blossoming this spring and summer. Our team will create a beautiful landscaping design for your garden by planting the perfect floral layout to fit your style. To make your dream garden a reality, contact Bruss today to see why we are a recognized award-winning landscaping company in the Chicagoland area.