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Project Type: Front Entryways
Location: Chicago Western Suburbs
Services: Landscape & Hardscape Design

Your front entryway is the first look that friends, family, and passersby see upon first glimpse of your home. Often times, the front entryway sets the impression for the entire exterior of the home. Bruss Landscaping creates custom landscaping plans to accentuate the front entryways of our Chicagoland neighbors using only the highest quality hardscape materials and plants grown in our very own nursery.

If you’re considering updating your home’s front entryway design, Bruss Landscaping can create a jaw-dropping transformation as we have done for other residences throughout the Chicago western suburbs. We can use decorative stone, pavers, and bricks to design and install an inviting walkway that leads from the driveway to your front entrance. Surrounding the custom design of your new walkway, Bruss’s award-winning team of landscapers will put together a design plan utilizing lush plant materials. Depending on your personal gardening needs and the look you want for your front entryway, we can incorporate bushes and shrubs, flowers of any color, and complimentary grasses or lush green plants. The attention to detail in this step of the landscape design process is of utmost importance to the Bruss landscaping team. We want to ensure that we provide your front entryway with plants that you love, will endure the ever-changing climate of Chicagoland, and will be easy to care for in the long run.

In addition to these main components of your front entryway landscape and hardscape design, Bruss can also install retaining walls that will extend the look of your entryway into your front yard. We use pavers and bricks from trusted manufacturers including Unilock. Also, our clients rave about our seasonal planter designs that make great features on your front steps or patio. Every planter design is unique and made of materials designed to last throughout the season.

Bruss Landscaping can design and install the front entryway of your home that you have been dreaming of. Call us today to get more information!