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Project Type: Flowers & Gardens
Location: Chicago Western Suburbs
Services: Landscaping Design & Installation

Our landscape experts will have your home blossoming this spring and summer. Bruss Landscaping’s team of experts will create a beautiful landscaping design for your garden by planting the perfect floral layout to fit your style. Your garden design will be filled with radiant flowers and green plants, adding curb appeal to your home. 

Throughout the landscaping design process, one of our professionals will work with you each step of the way to ensure your garden idea comes to life. Our main goal is to create the perfect garden that complements your home.  After the initial meeting, Bruss creates a CAD design presentation so you can visualize what your garden will look like at the end. At Bruss, we listen to your wants and needs to help you find plants and flowers that best fit your landscaping design. With over 10 acres of plants and flowers at our nursery, we can find the perfect combination of flowers, grasses, shrubbery, and more for your new garden. After you approve the initial design, our landscaping team will execute your vision right before your eyes.

Whether you are looking to improve your curb appeal or create a beautiful entertainment space in your backyard, Bruss is here to ensure to make your dream garden and landscaping come to life. In addition to landscaping design, we offer regular maintenance service to preserve your garden's beauty and keep your plants and flowers thriving.

To make your dream garden a reality, contact Bruss today to learn why we are a recognized award-winning landscaping company in the Chicagoland area.