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Project Type: Patio
Location: Glen Ellyn, IL
Services: Hardscape Construction, Landscape Design,  Landscape Lighting


A well-maintained backyard space wasn’t quite right for this Glen Ellyn resident. The small existing concrete pad drained the wrong way, was bordered by subpar plantings, and seemed crowded. A new patio design was necessary to serve the purpose of entertaining multiple guests while beautifying the backyard. The main priorities for the new patio included accommodating more furniture for both dining areas and seating areas while maintaining the usable backyard space for the kids and dogs.

Maximizing Yard Space

Beautiful Backyard Patio by Bruss LandscapingLawn space is a necessity for this family as they have young children and multiple dogs. Maximizing yard space and expanding the patio was a challenge, so setting boundaries for the patio was important. The low profile roofline and the home’s layout influenced a wider patio space to complement the property’s proportions. Utilizing a rectilinear design maximizes the usable patio space in this tight backyard area. A stepping stone path cuts through the middle of the patio to break it into two spaces. This design element helps break up what would have been a larger disproportionate patio space into a clearly defined dining area and seating area.


Backyard patio by Bruss LandscapingTo enhance the backyard landscaping further, low voltage lighting and plants were installed. The lighting helps when navigating the patio at night and spotlights are used for allowing the dogs out past sun down. New plantings help break up the rigid patio lines and provide visual interest. Plant choices were based on two main criteria: dog friendly and low growing. Low growing plants help to maximize sight lines from inside the house and keep an open feel from the back patio into the backyard.

With plenty of attractive and usable space both on and off the patio it’s time to entertain!

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