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Project Type: Landscaping
Location: Downers Grove, IL
Services: Landscape Design

New construction provides a great opportunity to start on the right foot with landscaping. Moving in phases from front to back allows the homeowner time to settle in and think about the next project. This is the case in this Downers Grove project.

A new two story home had nothing but brick to show for curb appeal and was set back from the road without much identity. The client wanted an attention grabber to attract the eye from traffic that may normally pass by without even a glance. The finished elevation of the residence provided a steep grade change between lot lines and provided an imbalance between alternate sides of the home.

The solution to this design problem was a natural stone outcropping wall that makes a powerful and subtle statement at the same time. Limestone outcropping was used to compliment the home’s natural exterior materials and an ornamental magnolia tree was used to soften the front foundation and provide seasonal interest. Phase two will extend the landscaping from the front foundation into the backyard.