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Project Type: Custom Patios
Location: Chicago Western Suburbs
Services: Patio Design and Installation

Custom patios extend your home’s living space to the outdoors, inviting your family to take full advantage of warm summer days and evenings. Features like fireplaces, fire pits and hot tubs let you enjoy your outdoor space in cooler months as well.

If you’re thinking about adding a custom patio, there are many reasons to consider Bruss Landscaping. For over 70 years, Bruss Landscaping has been designing and installing custom patios in the Chicago western suburbs. Whether you want a space designed for entertaining or a relaxing outdoor retreat, our patio installation professionals create personalized outdoor patios that meet your needs and feel like an extension of your home.

With Bruss, you can choose from a wide palette of distinctive, quality materials, including many varieties of flagstone, east coast Bluestone slate, European marble and stone, antique brick pavers, modern-day clay pavers and custom concrete pavers, such as the ever-popular Unilock brand. Our patio installation professionals can provide expert guidance in choosing materials that fit your lifestyle and the architecture of your home.

Designing custom patios that are truly unique is all in the details. Stately columns and stone retaining walls can define your outdoor space, while beautiful plantings can help soften it. The right lighting can create the perfect ambiance for late-night dining or entertaining. A charming pergola can provide shade in summer. Add the glow of hanging lanterns to make every evening feel magical.

Just as building an addition can increase your home’s investment value, so can adding a well-designed custom patio. Contact us today to make an appointment with one of our patio installation professionals. We’ll transform your backyard into the outdoor living space of your dreams.