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Project Type: Seasonal Containers
Location: Chicago Western Suburbs
Services: Container and Landscape Design

We have many homeowners that come to us and ask how to create a showstopping entryway. With the right spring garden container and beautiful plants, Bruss Landscaping knows the perfect way to frame your front door by adding a unique focal point that will turn heads. Neighbors will be talking about your high-quality planters and beautiful Spring arrangements that add pops of color and depth to your entryway. 

Each spring container designed is unique to each home and the vision of our clients. Our expert designers team up with our top-notch gardeners to find the perfect combination of decorative planters that fit the look of your home and plants that match your aesthetic and style. You would be surprised what a spring container or two will do to the look of your front entrance or back patio. We do all of this with you in mind. As an award-winning landscape company, our top priority is to listen to your wants and needs and make them happen. Whether you are looking for a classic and timeless look, or something modern or sleek, we can accommodate any spring garden container to your liking so you can enjoy it throughout the season.

It’s the little details that matter and our spring garden containers are the answer to transforming your entryway. Bruss’s experts are honed into designing the perfect spring planter for your home that is eye-catching and creates the perfect curb appeal for your home.

With over 65 years of experience, Bruss Landscaping can help you create a beautiful and welcoming entryway adorned with spring containers that stand out. Contact us today and ask about our flexible Seasonal Urns Program.