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Project Type: Seasonal Containers
Location: Chicago Western Suburbs
Services: Landscape and Container Design

Container gardening doesn’t have to stop when the growing season is over. Some of our favorite planters are the winter seasonal containers. Winter containers introduce beautiful colors and add elegance to your house even in the frosty Chicagoland winters. Not only do winter planters add a pop of color and beauty to your home amidst the white blanket that covers Northern Illinois in winter, but they withstand our below-freezing temperatures. 

The rule of thumb to follow for winter plant containers is to incorporate plants that are two zones colder than your USDA Hardiness Zone. An important part of winter containers is making sure you have a frost-proof pot with a drainage hole. Fiberglass, lead, iron, heavy plastic, and stone pots are the best weather-resistant containers to use for repeated freezing and thawing temperatures. 

It is important to check watering levels monthly for your winter container. As these plants are low maintenance and are known to survive in colder temperatures, the upkeep is less work and once the soil freezes solid, watering is no longer necessary. Bruss Landscaping design experts will keep you informed of how to maintain your winter urns and keep them beautiful all season long. 

Bring out the beautiful green hues of different winter evergreen branches such as pine, spruce, or fir by incorporating these into your winter planter. Accessorizing your winter urn will add depth and make it more eye-catching by introducing items such as birch branches, pinecones, stars, bullrushes, bells, faux berries, lights, and more. These different accessories add extra beauty that is not confined to looking like a holiday seasonal decoration.  

Incorporating beautiful winter containers to your front entryway makes your home feel more welcome in the winter. If you’re interested in adding a statement piece to your house that will last all winter long, contact the experts at Bruss Landscaping and ask about our flexible Seasonal Urns Program.